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8:00am – 5:00pm

Monday to Friday

1 Almaden Boulevard

Suite 620
San Jose, CA 95113

(408) 377-3441

About Us

Formed in 2013, Trust Management Services was acquired by Redwitz, Inc. in 2017. Redwitz, Inc. is an Accounting, Tax and Financial Consulting Corporation, founded in 1975 in Orange County, California. The company currently services clients world-wide and has offices throughout the state of California. Its services include financial planning, CFO services, advisory services, tax services, financial statement services and fraud detection. Redwitz is built upon a skilled team of professionals, including a group of experienced Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) and a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE).

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TMS Office Building

Our Expert Team

TMS - Jennifer Riva Photo

Jennifer Riva, CPA


Jennifer has over 26 years experience working with small- to medium-sized businesses on their financial reporting. Serving various industries, such as: construction, not-for-profit, and employee benefit plans. Jennifer is a Redwitz owner and is responsible for the firm’s quality control as well as being CEO of TMS.

TMS - Louie Allen Photo

Louie Allen


I have been with TMS since 2013, my current role is AP Supervisor which includes overseeing the activity of all our trust accounts and working with our TPA partners to keep our clients in good-standing. I am very proud to be of Greek American descent and I am a Bay Area Sports Enthusiast.

TMS - Jennifer Hami Photo

Jennifer Hami


I have been with TMS since 2016, I originally was a Business Relations Associate, but have transitioned now to Accounts Payable Associate. This entails handling the details of the day to day accounting functions for all the trusts. I like to cook and bake and create my own recipes by trial and error.

TMS - Katelynn Pham

Katelynn Pham


I have been with Redwitz Inc./TMS for over 15 years. I am an Accounting Associate with responsibilities that include bank and payroll reconciliations, preparation of tax returns, quarterly and yearly annual reporting and audit support. I like to work in the garden, go camping, explore new towns and short vacations.

TMS - Cindy Gurtowski

Cindy Gurtowski


I have been with Redwitz Inc./TMS for over 10 years. I am an Accounting Associate and I am responsible for premiums, broker fees and retirement contributions for the trusts. I am a huge football fan, love shooting pool and working out.

TMS - Ellen Dorse

Ellen Dorse


I am Director of Client Relations for TMS. I have been with TMS since 2021 but have worked with Redwitz Inc. for over 22 years in technology. My responsibilities at TMS include working with the clients, trust agreements, billing and following up on trust related items. I enjoy cooking and hanging out with my golden retriever, Charlie. I love to travel.

TMS - Gayle Gresham Photo

Gayle Gresham


At TMS I am an Accounting Associate with responsibilities that include depositing the checks into the trust accounts, billing, and other accounting duties.  I have been with TMS since 2021.  I am a native Californian and served in the US Army for six years.

At our core, TMS believes in these values and strives to achieve each and every one, daily.

  • Honesty
  • Ethical
  • Act in best interest of the client AND the firm
  • Genuine personal regard for others and each other as people
  • Creating opportunities for others’ continued growth and success
  • Teamwork
  • No clients left behind
  • Open and frank discussion
  • Respect for each other
  • Timely
  • Professional information sharing with clients
  • Sharing information when appropriate
  • Acting and dressing professionally
  • Demonstrating “constant learning” attitude
  • Seeking new opportunities to gain experience
  • Taking ownership and follow through on responsibilities
  • Strong work ethic
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